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Some of you may remember me lamenting that Corbeau doesn't make a seat bracket that fits the passenger side on Sentras. I ordered two Corbeau seats and got two driver's-side brackets. However, a driver's side bracket will not fit on the passenger side, BUT if the driver's side bracket was torn apart, it looks like it could be made to fit on the passenger side using the existing pieces.

So I thought, "Hey, I'll contact Corbeau to see if they could just send me the pieces (i.e., not welded together yet) of a Sentra driver's-side bracket. Then I could get my g/f's brother to weld them together so I could have my very own passenger-side bracket."

So I sent an e-mail. Got one back that day that said, "We'll look into it." Over a week went by, and I heard nothing.

So I contacted the place I ordered the seats from to see if they had a good contact with Corbeau that I could talk to. I got a name and # and called tonight. The guy patched me through to someone else, and I told him my story. His answer was, "I have bad news and good news. The bad news is I can't send you the individual pieces." This I guess I can understand 'cause they probably don't want to be liable for some gimp using a soldering iron or super glue to make a bracket.

"The good news," he said, "is that we put together a passenger-side bracket for Sentras yesterday." Woo-hooo!!

All I got to do now is send in my "spare" driver's-side bracket, and they will send me one of their new passenger-side brackets.

So now Corbeau has a passenger-side brackets for '91+ Sentras (and I assume this means NX2000 and 200SX's 'cause aren't they interchangable??). Hopefully I can get this thing in time for the SCCA National Tour in Meridian so my car drops another whopping 8 pounds.

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