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Yep thats right people. My order from two weeks ago was ****ed up.

Here's the story:

About 12 days ago I ordered the Unorthodox racing 2-pulley set in red and an ES shifter bushing from Courtesy. I was told they would be at my door in 4-5 days. Nope.

I just got called them now to find out where the hell my stuff is. I will keep the persons name confidential.

Me: "Hey I was calling to find out about an order I placed about two weeks ago"
Employee: "Your name?"
Me: "Jordan White."

[Long pause]

Emp: "Ok sorry Jordan but the strut tower braces are still on backorder."
Me: "Uhh......"
Emp: "We're still waiting for them."
Me: " wait I didn't order any strut bars."

[Another long pause and I can hear him typing]

Emp: "Sorry about that."
Me: "Rioghhhhhttttt.....I ordered UR pulleys and ES bushing."
Emp: "Ok, we'll next day air them to you when they come in tommorow or Wednesday."


Ok, count me in as never ordering from Courtesy again. Damn.

Jordan White (Stormy)
'98 SE(R) w/ HS CAI, HS G3 Header, JWT s4 Cams, UR Pulleys, KYB AGX's, Eibach Sportlines, Courtesy STB's, ES Mounts & shifter bushing, PWST X-Drilled Rotors w/ Axxis MM Pads, 17" Borbet Type S's w/ 205/40 Kumhos, Nis-Knacks goodies

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Assholes...reminds me i gotta call them and ask them where the hell my **** is ive been waiting on for almost 1 month.

Ryan Walsh, 1997 200sx SE-R w/ ES mounts, JWT s4's, AEBS 4-1, PR CAI, Sportlines/AGX's, Bridgestone re730's, Matrix FSTB, Stillen GTR grill
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