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Hey Brian,

I saw a post where you said you work near (for)Courtesy Nissan. How much are your rear STB for a 200 SX SE-R 1996.?

George P.

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Hey Brian,

E-mail me [email protected] i'd like to work out getting that rear strut tower bar. Can i send you the money and you get it for me or should i just call up courtesy. How about i send you the $$$ with shipping and you send it to me if you get a discount..

Let me know,

George P.

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There is a group deal for courtesy strut tower braces. The following is the message about it. The deal is still open. You can talk to Randy at courtesy about the status of the group deal.
The following is a group deal for Strut Tower Braces (STB's) from
Nissan. It will be open for ordering until 7/21/00.

The Regular price for STB's is $59.95. The Group Deal price is
as follows:
50+ Units $45.00
25-49 Units $50.00

The units are cumulative. Front and rear on a B14 counts as 2.
everyones order counts towards the total and the discount.

The following are available:
Front Only
o Sentra SE-R
o NX2000
o G20
Front and Rear
o 200sx SE-R
o Sentra SE Limited

Please fax your order directly to Courtesy Nissan with the following:
City, State, Zip
Credit Card#/Exp
Front STB Y/N
Rear STB Y/N
Will you accept the 25 unit price if 50 are not met Y/N
Will you accept the regular unit price if 25 are not met Y/N
Special instructions

The Fax# is 800-382-7891

The discount will be calculated on 7/21 or before that if we reach
50. I
will update the group periodically.

There is a $10.50 shipping charge on all orders. This is the same
for one
or two units. More than two cannot be shipped in a box. Note
hold for
pickup on your order if you are local to Dallas.

The orders will be shipped starting 7/24 or before if the 50 unit
minimum is
met. First ordered, first shipped. The units are in stock. Orders
received after 7/21 will be at the regular price. You will be
notified via
email of the receipt order.

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