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Ok, here's the deal...earlier this week i posted some pics of my car with 17" rims, but for some reason the back wheels were rubbing on the struts, the weird part is, my friend Rob that i borrowed the rims from has a 92 SE-R, and they fit on his car with no problem.
well, today i attempted it again, first i do the left side in the with no was close to the strut, but not touching it. now on the right side, i try to put the wheel on, and it is rubbing on the perch of the strut. again, i am using monroe sensatracs, not the best struts out there, but why would only one side rub, and the other is fine? bad strut, or is the offset different on his rims? i'm clueless

if anyone has any ideas, let me know...oh yes, i also read in another post of the motivational shortened struts, can someone give some more info on them please.


Serban Gavrilescu
91 Black Metallic SE-R
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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