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John Walsh and John Williamson of SE-R endurance racing fame are looking for crew dogs for a race Sept. 15-16 at Gingerman (Mich.) Raceway. E-mail John if you're interested ...

>From: "John Walsh" <[email protected]>
>To: Pat Griffith <[email protected]>
>Subject: Gingerman 1000K race
>Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 17:13:12 -0400
>Don't know if this email address is still good - but it's worth a
>John & I are doing the Gingerman 1000K in three weeks (see
> ) and we know we're going to
>be short on crew. Looks like the big kids in SSC will be there,
>so we'll have our hands full. Plus neither one of us has been
>to Gingerman before. HA. We laugh in the face of danger.
>Is there some place we can post a trolling message for crew
>people ? I don't know if there is a message board on the
> site (I didn't see one), and I don't want
>to start mailbombing people on the mail list, as it's not
>necessarily the appropriate place for that. What would
>you recommend ?
>The 200SX continues to amaze. I took it to a 1st place at
>Nelson Ledges 10 days ago, and John is running it in the
>National at Mosport this weekend. Then the 1000K and maybe
>another 24 hour this winter. Not bad for a car with 40,000
>miles that never had it's head off......
>Wazzup wich you ? Any high velocity plans for the fall ?

'93 Sentra SE-R, daily driver and track/autox toy
'91 Sentra SE-R, future racecar
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