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Custom Exhaust Manifold

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Does anyone have ideas about designs for a custom steam pipe manifold to suit a GT28RS DP . Want close to equal length and about 35mm ID pipe . Looking at the exhaust housing flange the collector could prove difficult to integrate neatly and achieve low flow loss at the same time , it is rather small . MY aims are maximum response (retain gas speed) but with little restriction up to the design limit of the Potato Turbo . Thanks .
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Extrude hone GTi-R manifold
GTi-R manifold kicks ass. Extrude honing it won't do you a whole lot of good, as the restricitons in the manifold are way too big to be removed that way. You need to go at it with a die grinder and port/smooth it. One big restriction is the bolt-access indentation on the back of the manifold. Have someone fill this in with Nickel on a TIG welder and port the **** out of this area. Andreas Miko will do this to a manifold for you I think. just stick your fingers in there and feel where the corners are. The GTiR manifold is about as good as you can get for a compact good-flowing manifold. As a bonus, they are cheap and never crack.

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