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Custom Intake Question

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How could there possibly be any advantage to running a cold air intake thats bigger in diameter than the TB. I would think that there would be a bottle necking effect if you ran anything larger and you would see no gains or possibly a loss in power due to this resistence. Can someone with more knowledge please provide me with some insight.
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Running bigger piping means more air, and when it gets to the tb it gets smaller so intake velocity is increased. Something along those lines.
Well, that's part of it....

The science behind it is al ittle more complicated than that. Certain pipe diameters will be good for lowend to midrange(2.25" - 2.50") and certain pipe diameters will yield more top end for the SR20DE(2.75" - 3.00") due to a phenmona known as resonance.
Here's a start: (look under cold air intakes)
Thanks thats all i needed :)
the whole principle to a CAI is to get as much air in as possible in a way so it creates a vortex effect so the air spins thru the TB at a high velocity, creating HP
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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