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Greetings Nissan Enthusiasts,

As we progress into the 2004, DNE will be working hard to be able to host more fun and interesting meets as we continue to grow. For the month of March with the weather getting significantly warmer we have worked out a deal with Official Paintball of Texas to host our meet.

Official Paintball of Texas is one of the best facilities here in the DFW area. They are located in Forney. They have a large number of different fields and layouts to provide a number of different scenarios. They also have a small concession stand where you can purchase food and drinks.

For those that have never played Paintball, you shouldn't be worried about getting hurt. If you get the chance of being shot, you'll only feel a slight stinging pain very briefly. The pain is so minimal that many young children (ages 6+) play regularly. As far as the paint itself goes, it is all water based and will all come out of your clothing when washed. It does not stain. Just be sure to wear something that you feel comfortable running around a lot in and if you're really gungho, crawl in the grass and dirt in.

As far as the cost goes, it depends solely on the number of people we bring. Chris aka BlueBOB has already recruited a number of his family members to come plus the interest from a few members that have discussed this idea, we should have at least 15 people easily.

7 and less | $20
8 to 15 | $17
16 to 34 | $15
35 and up | $14

If we have over 50 people, the price is even less, but I'm not sure if we'll get that many. If so, that's great! This price includes the gun and mask rental, free CO2 all day, and 100 rounds of ammo. I have not found out if there will be any discounts for people that have their own equipment. Just as a note, you will use up those 100 rounds easily! You can purchase more from Official Paintball of Texas when you run out.

Cost of Paintballs:
100 | $6
500 | $25
1000 | $40
2000 | $70

We have estimated a 30 minute travel time considering the large caravan we will have. With that in mind, we will meet at TigerBulls at 11:45 and leave there at 12:30 sharp!

Official Paintball of Texas closes at 5:30pm. If you want/need to leave early, you are more than welcome. I'm sure a large number of people will stay for the whole time. After the paintball fun, those that might still have the energy are welcome to join the rest of DNE up at Tigerbulls. The paintball group should return around 6pm or so. The rest of the DNE members that can't make the paintball fun will meet at 5:30pm at Tigerbulls.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or know wether or not you will be able to make it, feel free to post here or you can swing by our Monday Night meets at Java & Cha held every monday night. There is sure to be a staff member or two there. If you are not registered with Nissan Forums, when you do, ignore the 48 hour waiting period. That does not apply to our section.

Thank you,
DNE Staff

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