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Dark Blue Pearl NX2000 - only one known in USA!

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For Sale: The only KNOWN dark blue pearl NX2000 in the USA!

This car was made in Japan, imported to Canada, then imported to the USA. This color was not available at all in the USA.

1991 Dark Blue Pearl NX2000, blue interior, T-tops, cruise, power windows/locks, original stereo. Has parcel shelf (back deck piece), T-top bags, T-top straps, and sunshades for T-tops. The interior is complete as far as I can remember, with no cracks in the dash. 108K on the body, a new USDM engine was installed 2 years ago, has roughly 100K on the engine now.

I'm putting it on here before putting on Autotrader, asking $1900 for it, but willing to talk or trade for a complete W11 setup. Located in Atlanta.
I also have a hotshot cold-air intake and UR 2-pulley set for this car, I can make a deal for everything together, but I was going to use the pulleys on my DET project.
She is pretty much stock now, except ES motor mounts and a cone filter, but runs strong, pulls hard, chirps 2nd easily.

Newly replaced radiator, radiator hoses, belts, thermostat, fuel filter, wires, plugs, distributor, power steering pump pulley, resonator, cat, power steering flushed and synthetic installed, brakes flushed with synthetic as well, engine cleaned, oilpan cleaned, coolant flushed 2x, lots of little stuff like that has been done recently. I was going to make this one my project car, so I did everything like I was going to keep it.

Problems: a few dings, one very large dent but it is shallow, looks like it can simply be pushed out with your foot from the inside - right behind the driver's door. Surface only rust on both A-pillars, about 1" max from the bottom. Standard drivers-seat wear that they all get, And finally, the previous owner put something on it that ate off the clearcoat from the passenger door to the middle of the bumper. I tried hitting it with a coat of clear, but I'm not the world's greatest sprayer. If you wet-sanded and tried again it might look a whole lot better. OR, just get a new paint job which would solve the 2-3 dings and that big dent issue. If you do get it repainted, just don't change the color. It really is beautiful, especially when wet or when the sun hits it, and these are super-rare as it is.

The temp guage reads cold most of the time, raises only when it gets really hot , and the fans don't seem to come on unless you hit the AC button, which means the water temp sensors need to be replaced. I have both as spares that can go with the car, just haven't had time or inclination to go freeze my butt off and replace them. It isn't an issue until it gets warmer anyway.

I originally thought this was a sapphire blue NX2K, and listed it as such, same listing with pics are on the original thread, here:
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