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Someone our Montreal Nissan club, is looking to do a DET swap in his 200sx. He asked me what would be needed.

From the knowledge I have this is most of what he would need, but I may be mistaken.

Id like input from you guys, thanks.

SR20DE Tranny
200sx SE-R ECU
DE distributor
DE main wiring harness
DE fuel injector wiring harness
DE temperature sensor
DE throttle position sensor
DE air-idle control valve (extend wire)
DE O2 sensor (you will need the O2 sensor adapter nut off the DE exhaust manifold as well)
DE flywheel (if using a DET from an automatic)
DET power steering 90° bend onto DE pump
DE AC bracket
Sentra DE throttle/cruise control cable bracket (for 95+ SE-Rs)
Motor Mounts

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se-r axles, radiator, engine mounts with the cross member, wiring harness and either the det or reprogrammed DE ECU.

There is one main wiring harness which runs from the computer through the firewall to the engine. This one will include the wires for the injector and for all of the sensors.
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