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Diamond turned side skirts

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I need some info to help with an argument against what ben has called a "rice liar". This guy is claiming to have alot of stuff I doubt he has. He claims to have pistons, that are in his words, "they had cnc diamond turned skirts. diamond pin bores/billet alum" He says they are forged. He also claims they are made by a small company in ohio called Bosco Kreative, which I can find no record of, niether with a google search, or with a yellow pages search. I am pretty sure machines used to forge metals are very very expensive and it seems unlikely that a small company would have one, but Im not sure. Anyways, what I really want to know about is this diamend turned crap. Anyone know what he is talking about? A diamond bit used on a cnc machine to cut it? Any info would be appreciated. TIA.

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Its probably as real as CF pistons.
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