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First thing I did was to my Sentra. It wouldn't start yesterday morning! Had to drive my NX (oh no, not that!
)I thought it was because my battery terminals were corroded so I cleaned them, but that didn't help. I then tried giving the car a little throttle to see if it would start and that worked. It now starts just fine. Wonder what the heck the problem was/is?

Next I replaced the passenger side headlight that I monkeyed the night before. Works fine now.

Next I put my windshield washer resevoir back in my NX and connected it up. Then I put my fender splash shields back in. They are not in there 100% with ALL the fasteners, but good enough.

Next I swapped out my SE-R radiator for the NX one I got and the proper passenger side fan. I originally bought an SE-R radiator for it not knowing that the NX2000 and Sentra SE-R ones were different. Took some pics:

I had two of the weaker driver's side fans on the SE-R radiator in there up til last night. Car kept at the proper temp the few weeks I've had it and the 200 miles I've driven it though.

Next I attempted to track down a small oil leak that I had. Tracked it down to the timing chain tensioner. The B14 has a flange type gasket where the B13 has a valve cover-type gasket. The gasket looked ok, but obviously wasn't doing it's job. I applied red RTV to the sealing area of the tensioner and reinstalled it.

Question: will the tensioner automatically pop back out without popping the valve cover and doing it manually? Would be a PITA to remove the VC just to pop that back into place.

Next I removed my instrument cluster and removed the ever flashing airbag light. Since the airbag went off in the wreck that the previous owner was involved in, the light would be blinking forever unless I wanted to get a whole new airbag system. Only hard part was getting the dash off around the leftmost HVAC vent. Almost broke the dash. I kinked it pretty good but you can't tell with it back in.

Lastly I removed the crossmember and the two motor mounts off of it to try the 3M Window Weld motor mount method. Pics:


After applying duct tape:

Unfortunately my plans were cut short due to my ancient and much-tweaked goo gun finally biting the dust.

Will go grab another one tonight and do those two mounts.

So what did YOU do last night?

98 Sentra SE stock, slow, and for sale
93 NX2000 Quaife ATB diff, JWT clutch, SMC short shifter, front STB, front ES control arm bushings, JWT POP charger, B14 SE-R wheels as soon as I get my tire swappin' done

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Sure am. Taking the NX too. Going to have it aligned tomorrow so I can rightfully drive it that distance in my mind.
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