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my pass. side window decided 3 days ago that it would only go down using the switch on the door. this was kind of odd to me because i could still put it up with the center console. i figured that the switch was just dirty. today i took the door apart, took the switch out, cleaned it and reassembled it. when i plugged it back in to test it the window went down but wouldn't go up. so i went to my trusty center console switch and it wouldn't go up from that switch either. i ordeered the replacement for teh one on the door but i still can't put my window up. i figured that the broken switch was hopeless so i even tried to cross the wires-nothing. help! it's supposed to rain friday and i at least want my window up because the part won't be in until monday afternoon.

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Mine pulled that where it would go down but not up. Just pull on the window while pressing the up switch. Does your motor make noise like it wants to go up? Then its your motor. If its not it could be a wiring, master switch issue. Good luck, maybe you'll have to bite the bullet and take it to the dealer.
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