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hi all

Firts i would like to intruduce my self
im the proud owner of an 1996 sentra SE-R and i live in mexico

i have been reading this forum for a couple of days
well... anyway my intention is to give to my little baby more power but i not a mechanic and i hope you guys like to help me in my research

my first question is how i can know or how can i see the deference between sr20ve angines and sr20de ???? cause has much has i know both are 2.0L right? and if i have sr20de wich turbo kit its ideal to start on or what are your advices to start this proyect

for all your help and time thank you

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I moved your post to the new member section and gave it a title. Your question was not related to the thread that you put it in also.

Your best way to answer these questions is to start reading the different sections of the forum... there is alot to read, but most of the information is useful. Also there is a technical section that I would really recommend reading first before asking to many questions...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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