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Straight out of the SAE Papers; spelling and all.

Type :Water cooling gasoline 4 cycle
Number of cylinder, arrangent :4, in line
Type of combrustion chamber :Cross flow, pent roof type
Valve mechanism :DOHC4 valve per cylinder,chain drive
Displacement :1998cc(l22cuin)
Bore x stroke :86.0x86.0
Bore pitch :97.0
Block height :211.3
Compression ratio :9.5
Crankshaft journal dia :55.0
Crankpin dia :48.0
Connecting rod length :136.3
Valve dia :Int 34.0,Exh30.0
Fuel system :Multi point injection,ECCS
Recommended fuel :Unleaded regular
Emission control system :TWC+ramda control
Max power :140hp/6400rpm(SAE net)
Max torque :1321b.ft/4800rpm(SAE net)
Dimension(LxWxH) :685x610x615

· Always Different !
813 Posts
I have no idea how that smiley ended up in there. Also, this was printed in 1990, so the 262 different versions of the thing may have some dimensional differences across the different versions.
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