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Disappointing timeslips...

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This is the 1st time for me at the track. Here are my timeslips from Friday night at Moroso.

R/T ... .635
60' ... 2.623
330 ... 6.542
1/8 ... 9.629
MPH ... 82.02
1000 ... 12.240
1/4 ... 14.453
MPH ... 100.76

I ran with: speakers, spare tire, g20 seats, 18" rims, and heavy-ass college books. I didn't have time to take some weight out of the make a long story short. I had minor wheel hop thru 1st gear and I wasn't able to shift pass 6K RPM (only in 1st) because of some weird problem with my BB ECU. I will be getting JWT ECU next week hopefully.

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The car will run 13.8-13.6 with 2.0 60 ft times. The car is ok you need to learn how to drive it. You also need to get some drag radials.

Leason 1. when running street tires, easy the car in 1st gear and then when you get to 2nd then drive the car hard.
Gut the car, (Mostly the college BOOK ;) ) put the JWT in, get some slicks and see what happens then. Good luck!!!!!
BTW....this pass was done @ 10 psi. I launched the car at about 2K RPM.

I'm sure if you would have gotten a few mor runs, you could have brought your times down. Dont worry, I see 13s out of that car real soon :)
You should be able to get your 60 foot times down to 2.2 or 2.3 on street tires with no troubles, just a little bit of practice. I consistently get 2.2 on my street tires. With a set of slicks you will see 1.8 pretty regularly. Get rid of those 18" wheels as well. You should never tun any larger than a 15" when you are doing most types of racing. You have a lot of unsprung weight with those honkers. Practice, Practice PRACTICE!!!!!!!
yeah, dont worry, im sure i would spin my tires till third gear if i was driving your car.
Nothing to be dissapointed about!

Manny with some practice you will get into the 13's. You also need to practice on shifting the car a bit faster. With time and a couple more runs 13's are in sight. You did awesome bro. The car looked very good going down the track!!!!
i managed a 2.1 60" on street tires, its very do-able.
Like dre said, keep it to about 75% throttle in first then go WOT in second gear. It almost helps a little to bog or start low in the RPM band. 2.2s are a cake walk with a T25 once you get used to it. Just keep practicing :) With that trap you'll be 13.8's or so with a 2.2 60ft.
SR-Sonice quick q, have ya ran that EVO ?
When are you guys going to the track again? Let me know, I would like to make a trip!
Dude, you have 18's on a light car, of course your time is going to be slow... ;)
yes i have, roll on (7psi) i pulled a few cars. then ran another evo on 11psi and put 5 cars on him. the evo in the sig is my cousins.
Dude, you have 18's on a light car, of course your time is going to be slow... ;)
My intentions were not to run on my 18s or my speakers in the trunk. I was going to pick up my 16s from my house before I left (I was at school the whole day) and drop of my speakers, too. I didn't even have long jeans to wear when I got to the track..Thanks to Rob..he hooked me up with some jeans to wear when I got on the track.

a lil off topic, are 18's too big for the b13? hows the ride? is it lowered? any issues u dont like?
SR-SONIC said:
a lil off topic, are 18's too big for the b13? hows the ride? is it lowered? any issues u dont like?
They aren't too big for a b13 (with a little modification). The ride is just a smooth as when I had my 16s on. I have about a 2" drop on my b13. Issues I don't like??? hhmmmm...jsut 1..I get too much attention for fitting 18" rims on a small car..I like! :D

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