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today, i got my g20 back from the body shop. it was in an accident before i bought it and i bought it as is and then got it repaired. as i was driving home the car felt very underpowered. my other car (soon to be ex) is a '94 ford escort lx.. and i swear the g20 didn't feel much faster than the escort. the mods listed in my sig are all mods that were on the car from the previous owner. so anyways, my question is, is there a documented tuneup for sr20de engines? is there anything i should look for right away that might be robbing power from the engine? thanks.

'95 Infiniti G20t
Stillen intake, HS header, custom exhaust, A'PEXi Dunk muffler, JUN flywheel, ACT clutch
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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