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I mean an Engine Oil cooler...whats your take on it guys...would I need it if its not a boosted engine (yet...kekeke)...would I benefit from it...(as far as gaining more hp due to cooler running temp...)

How about tranny oil they make your shifts faster (auto)...more responsive shifts?

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Oil cooler...dont think much there for ya. Could make engine run worse since the oil would be colder and thicker. Problem is there is a fine medium where things are good. Warm oil goood, overly cool bad, overly hot really bad. So if you are boosting oil goign to be really hot, so cool it. But on NA not that good and probaly determental.

As for tranny cooler, yes very good. Dont think there is any negatives to them. Heat is the number one enemy of an auto. The stock cooler is marginal, and clogs easily. So if you are conscerned with your tranny it would be a good thing to get. If nothing else clean out your stock one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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