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hey guys.. i'm looking for a very reputable online performance shop to buy a few things from, but i'm having a hard time finding one. NOPI is out of the question considering that they've been a bunch of a-holes, imho. anyways, what i'm primarily looking for is an Apex'I super silencer for a Dunk 115mm muffler. anyone?

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Stillen intake, HS header, custom exhaust, Apex'i Dunk muffler, JUN flywheel, ACT clutch

Hmmm....I have been talking to an Online performance shop that I contacted on Ebay, and they have alot of products cheap; name brand items for the most part....Power Performance- e-mail is :[email protected] I've dealt with Daniel and and Jo Nakama, if you need some names...Good luck!

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The only place I have bought stuff from on-line is The guys name is William and he owns a 97 Sentra. He's also a member of and recently hosted the HS CAI group deal. He's a really nice guy and has good prices and service. ALthough I'm not sure that he has A'PEXi ( I think he does), he does carry a lot of other brands! Check out the site, and if you order let him know that wes sent you, or that your a member of the Nissan community.

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