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What good speakers fit in the doors of a 200sx?

I see they are listed as 6.5s, but pretty shallow like ~2 3/16"...

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there are no really good sounding "slimline" speakers out there like companies sell. I have had three sets of speakers in my 98. they comprise of 1)kenwood 5.25 2)boston rally 5.25 3)boston pro 6.5 . I would not wish the kenwoods upon anyone, the rallys were good, but not enough midbass, and if you have the money ($400+) I would personally go out and buy the pros again. I love these speakers, no need to make a pod for the speakers to fit in, they have a little spacer and a plate to adapt to the oversized hole and that is it, oh, and strap some power to em' and they will sound unbelievable. I have a Rockford Fosgate Punch 160 4-channel amp bridged on them a 1.5 ohms and about 150 watts a side and no sign of distortion, love em'......but a bit pricy
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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