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Ok this post is for the single purpose of looking out for you Guys, I want to let you all know That this Guy, who goes by the name Douglas Rodriguez, Is the last person you would want to do business with. A Lot of people seem to think he is from Sleepermotorsports, that is false info, He is no longer with them even though he claims to be to sometimes. He has promised a few people on this list things he did not deliver, and instead of saying Im sorry I can't come through, He ignores the individual. What kind of business practices are these? I recently spoke with Doug in Se-R chat, I Told him I was tired of his Lying, and his trying to get ahead at others expense, he denied the whole thing Calling me Crazy, Even though I know for a fact it is true. Since Doug is an Administrator for SE-R chat " I dont know how he got that," He decided to do the immature thing and to band me from chat for 1 day even though he and I were the only two in the room at that time. I implore you Stray away from doing business with this guy you will get burned. And if you for some reason decide to do business with him anyway, know that I forwarned you.
This guy is a Leach, he will attach himself to anyone who can give him something for the time being, boosting that persons eago, making everyone else that person doesnt like look bad, He is a con artist a Liar, and I question his integrity. We have names for people like this in the Navy, they are called One way Buddy ****ers, Excuse my language.

Turbo Classic, T3/T04e Tial 35mm ".65Bar" Blitz BOV, Custom piping griffen intercooler Core with HK$ EndTanks,custom manifold, 370cc injectors, paxton fpr, Eibach Sportlines, everything else was stolen,:( Pectel coming up bigger Injectors and custom fuel rail. DAMN VILLIANS.
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