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SWEET! Congratulations, I'm very happy for you.

We have almost identical mods except you have the JWT ECU and the Flywheel. I know I need the ECU badly, it's all thats barring me from 14's.

Also, your trapspeed is really damned good. My best so far was 90mph.

'98 SE(R) w/ HS CAI, HS G3 Header, Custom 2.25" Exhaust, JWT S4 Cams, UR Pulleys, KYB AGX's, Eibach Spings, Courtesy F&R STB's, ES Mounts, ES control arm bushings & shifter bushing (NI), Brembo X-Drilled Rotors w/ Axxis MM Pads, 205/50 Pirelli's, Nis-Knacks goodies
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