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Forgive me if this has been brought up before but I was wondering what would you guys suggest for drag radials. I am in the market for lightweight wheels (Rota's and possible Z Speed) and I would like to match up a good 1-2 combo for launches and overall driving. Tell me if that makes any sense..

Any response would be greatly appreciated.

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I run Nitto 205/55/14 Drag Radials, on the stock SE-R wheels, when at the track. Makes for a nice 'sleeper' look with the stock wheels and all. The roll cage gives it away, though.

The Nittos do very nice (1.98 60-ft time) with about 15psi of air in them. I wind 'er up to about 5,000rpm, and let it rip.

Depending on the track conditions, the Nittos stick very well. I don't drive much with them on the street, so can't tell you about how many miles to expect from a set. They are *super* soft, and probably wouldn't last too long.

ALSO...slow waaaaay down when driving in the rain on drag radials. Trust me...

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