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whats up guys, well, as you can see by the thread, i went drag racing with terrin, dave, my brother and some of terrin's friends (honda boys, so i wont mention their names ;-p)

here you go:

1st run: (17 in tires)

60': 2.389
1/8 mi: 9.770
1/8 mph: 72.8
1/4 mi: 15.313
1/4 mph: unknown (carlsbad's right lane mph is off, said i was going 79 mph!!)

2nd run: (rest are on 14 in tires after this, thanks terrin!)

60': 2.350
1/8 mi: 9.640
1/8 mph: 73.64
1/4 mi: 15.014
1/4 mph: 91.89

3rd run: (against terrin, i lost the timeslip, but i remember the times)

60': 2.440 (blah! terrin makes me nervous)
1/8 mi: 9.7xx (terrin?)
1/8 mph: terrin?
1/4 mi: 15.2xx
1/4 mph: i was in the right lane again!

4th run: (against Pann's 11 sec all motor integ)

60': 2.380
1/8 mi: 9.660
1/8 mph: 73.89
1/4 mi: 15.031
1/4 mph: 91.91

5th run: (against 13.6 sec cobra)

60': 2.361
1/8 mi: 9.653
1/8 mph: 73.18
1/4 mi: 15.081
1/4 mph: unknown (right lane again)

overall decent times, but i could not get my 60's below that 2.350, either a little too much wheelspin or i got wheelhop (probably from really hard D60A's) and it seemed that everyone was a little slow there that day. it was about 80 deg and pretty humid that day, plus its carlsbad, so maybe our air filters were clogged with dirt from having to offroad to get there. i was really hoping to bust into the 14s, but i guess it wasnt gonna happen that day.

my mods are:
tomei cams, JWT ECU, HS G3 header, PR CAI, JWT motor mounts, ES front suspension bushings, motivational susp, N-Tech control arm brace.

also, what 14" tire have you guys had good results with drag racing?

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I've had great success with Nitto Drag Radials, 205/55/14 size, at 16psi. I launch at 5,000 rpm, and have nailed 1.98 and 1.99 60-ft times before. They're grippy, and you don't need a burnout to run them. I just drive to the track on them (if its dry....they suck in the rain), and they're usually nice and hot by the time I get there.

Hope this helps.

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Well here are my times as promised...

60' __ 2.05
1/8__ 8.669
1/4__ 13.3
1/4 mph__ 105

My mods: I/H/E combo, no cat, 100 shot direct port JWT kit, 300zx fuel pump and 370cc injectors, 103 unleaded fuel, bottle pressure @ 850-900 psi

This run was on the same 20x8x14 slicks that I used on my previous runs @ Carlsbad Speedway. I obviously am not too happy. By looking at the plugs I can tell I am detonating (silver flakes on the plug). I have the fuel in there and the timing is set on 14 degrees (fluctuates between 14-16).

Grr..well enough complaining..I did beat all the cars that I raced against. That turbo civic had me shittin in my pants and the Syclone..whew what a good race.

Any ideas would be great. Yo a brotha out!

Wanna give a large shout out to all the guys that rolled out to Carlsbad (wussup Steve..I get no love up in this??) was a lot of fun besides all my car probs. Gotta do it again!
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