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thanks guys for you help on quest. regarding nos and shift light etc.
my second time at the strip yesterday here goes.with cheap 60 dollar vr tires sumitomo and my second time at the drag strip. first time at e-town was bad
1st run:
60 ft. 2.34
et: 14.4
mph: 98.05
second run,lower tires to 22-23 psi
60ft. 2.2
ET: 14.2
mph: 99.83
had a great time all other runs we're steady 14.3- 14.4 and one 14.9 mis shift oops! been practicing take off at a parking lot at night.

91 SE-R,10:1 comp.pistons,balanced &blueprint rebuild.comp.4angle valve job,extrude honed heads/intake manifold,No emissions.crap,RC TB/MAF,nismo cams,UR pulleys,stillen4-1 ceram.header, ACT HDS/S clutch,PR CAI with POPchgr,2 1/2"OD test pipe,mandrel 2 1/4"ID superturbo ex., ZEX flywheel & JW 50 shot nos with 60 shot jet. and much more goodies!
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