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I have this little 1.6 sitting in an '87 Pulsar. I would really like to drop in an SR. I know a few people, locally, that have all kinds of motors and tranny's for sale cheap. I have already done a little tranny work on this thing. (Had the dreaded 5th gear pop-out problem; bought JY tranny and swapped guts, wrong case) I think I could do the swap if I could get some help with wiring and ECU hook-up...kinda worried about Motor Mount positions and half shaft lengths.
Anybody know anything let me know...

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just keep the ca16 in there. good engine, just needs a little power. Nissan Motorsports sells stuff for that car and can make some good power. I used to have one, but traded it in for my 98. fun car. no cat, open airbox k&n filter= alot of fun.
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