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Because it appears that the factory(for liabilty or emissions reasons)set our timing to 13 degrees, when it would seem the best setting is between 15-17 degrees. It give more Hp(cheaply at that-all you need is a timing light)

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DayGoSe-R:
what does changing the timing do on our se-r motors. why would we need to do this?? </font>
Changing the timing, means the amount of sparks increase in your engine, which in turn, increases throttle response, may give slightly better gas mileage, it gives a few hp. This helps in the low end. your car gets up hills with a slight biut more ease, and you get off the line quicker. anything above 16 degrees you need to put 93 octane in your gas tank. base timing is set at 13 degrees normally. Its is a very easy 10 minute process. all you need is a timing light and a ratchet with a 12mm socket. directions are on

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