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Hi list, here is the situation I got a 92 classic with a bluebird det.I took it to the dyno three times in the past 6 months this is what happened.
11/11/00 Dyno run
max hp 260 @ 6700rpm, max torque 237 @ 5300 rpm.
Set up: DET, stock maf, 370cc,bosch 1:1 fpr, tt pump,fmic,TO3 with super 60 compressor.48 a/r turbine housing @ 11 psi, 2.25 down pipe(8 inches long then converts to 2.5),2.5 crushed bend exhaust no cat,custom tubular manifold,ACT pp with dual friction disc,ngk r5671a-9 gapped @.032,stock plug wires,msd 6a.Timing @15,93 pump gas.

02/8/01 Dyno run
Max hp 232 @ 6400rpm, max torque 230 @ 5250 rpm.
Exact same set up.Had to advance timing(17) to get 230hp,I was getting 225.Used the pfr7b-11 stock gap no improvement.

06/26/01 Dyno run
Max hp 248.6 @5900rpm, max torque 264 @ 4650 rpm
Same set up but with act clucth with 6 puck sprung cooper disc, msd 50lb,cobra maf,4 bar fuel program @18 psi(the car would go up to 22 psi then back down to 18)
I had to lower fuel pressure to get more hp the car was running too rich.
I did one run @ 9 psi and only got 175hp.(this was the first run of the day)
On the last two pulls the car started blowing oil and gases through the dip stick hole and there was like 10 ounces of oil on the oil catch can that I just put in the car, this happened when the car reached 20 psi.

After that I did a compression check and all cylinders were @ 155 I put some oil in and they all went up by 7 or 10.
Now the questions
-What could be the cause for the hp loss(the turbo is in good shape not burning of oil or too much play in the shaft)?
-If compression is getting into the engine why the compression test did'nt reveal it?
-Why did I have to lower the fuel pressure to get the car running better, right know I'm feeling like I wasted the xtra money on the 4 bar program?
Opinions will be really appreciated.
TIA,sorry for the long post
Hector Firpo
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