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e-brake light

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i have a 95' 200sx se-r and my e-brake light just started staying on even when the the e-brake isnt on. does anyone know what the problem is????????
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two guesses. does your battery light come on too? if so...its your alternator. change that bad boy before it leaves you stranded.

if not...your ebrake might be caught up. i'd let mine down but one side, everytime my dumbass forgot about it and pulled it up anyway, i'd have to go back to the brake with pliers and yank it of. eventually it got so bad, the brakes would smoke SO bad. stanky! and it got stuck real bad. after about 20mins of yanking, it finally popped. then i was good. hasn't f**d up yet.

if neither...i have no idea
There is a chance your brake fluid is also low.
Ether the fluid is low, or the little switch is stuck....just futz around with it and see if it works then..
its your brake fluid low. the same thing happened to me, when I needed a brake job. all four of my brakes were really low. i replaced them all, and the light went off right afterward....
The E-Brake switch is located in the counsel with your E-Brake.

If you take it apart you'll be able to adjust your switch so it won't stay on all the time.
low brake fluid is my guess also
alright guys ill check it out and get back to you, thanks
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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