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Hey gang I need to get my alternator out.. Help!!
What is the easiest way of getting it out?

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I posted this to the se-r list this morning...copy and pasted

all you have to do is, disco the battery.....and remove the overflow, and
the plastic bracket for it, loosen the ground wire and wiring harness from
the clips, put a jack under the heavy steel bracket that the A/C comp. bolts
to...just barely support the motor and loosen the passenger side motor mount
bolt...remove the bolt and jack the motor up...unbolt the alternator and
wiring,remove the belt and turn the alternator to where the pulley is facing may have to jack the motor a little bit more..(trial and error) but
it will slide right past the waterneck and hose. Sometimes you have to move
the alternator around a bit to clear it...but this gives it enough room for
removal. Install is the same only reversed. this should be even easier if
you have stock motor mounts...

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Thanks , unfortunately I had to do this in super fast mode this morning and I could only wait like an hour for replys. Heres what I did...........
- I unbolted the alternator
- took out the overflow bottle and its bracket
- then I unphooked the Radiator hose right on top of the alternator. Just undo the hose clamp and pull it off.
- some coolant leaks out but its okay
- Then I slid the alternator right out. ( pulley facing the Pass. side fender )
------- Now Im waiting for my alternator to come in the mail.
Im stuck for a few days with no 20 lb alternator......hopefully my car wont die for a while. *gulp* :(
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