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eibach prokits f/s

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needs to ge taking up space, plus need to get rid of stock springs too.
prokits--fronts are sold. rears are still for sale $50 + shipping
stock b13 springs--$50 + shipping
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what shape are they in. how long have you been riding on these, pics?? send me info at [email protected]. i'll do 100 shipped if in good condition. this is for a b13, right??
let me know if theyre still up for grabs i might be interested
there still up for sale
Wanna sell just the rears?
which ones do you need for the rears. the stock or pro kits
92WHTSE-R said:
which ones do you need for the rears. the stock or pro kits
Pro Kits...
well the sale is pending right now
y dont you just buy all four its cheap enough.
hey if they are still up sale email me at [email protected], i need some springs for my car...are they for the b14 or b13??
both sets are still avalible need to go let me know
I just picked up a set of Prokits for $70 shipped used, just an FYI....
fronts are sold rears are still up for sale.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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