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The other day my car wouldnt start so i cut my + battery terminal wire back 4 inches b/c of the corrosion and that fixied it, started fine for 2 days. Then i got a brand new starter. The other day i got to work and went to take my first delivery and it wouldnt start. Well I worked on it a while with my dad with a multi meter and tested a lot of stuff, mainly the wire coming off the started solonoid with the little connector (BLACK/White Wire) that turns into a (Black/YEllow Wire). WE then connected that stratict the the battery adn the car will start, but it wont start by key. Well to make a long story short theres no power coming off my ignition switch (key starter thing) going to the solonoid. We tested the relays and the clutch inhibior is bypasses so that cant be it. Can anyone help me? We looked at that schematics in the FCM and it's a pretty basic setup. Im stuck here and need help. By the way the grounds are good and when turn the key the fuel pump primes and then shut off but then nothing happens when i go to start it. And all the fuses we checked are good? Anyone? Thanks

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I had the same thing happen to me. It turned out that my connector on the fuel pump was burnt. Five hours later i had a spare connector under the hood on the factory harness that wasnt being used and i spliced that into the fuel pump harness. If i recall right, one is for the sending unit and the other, ( 3 prong) plug is for power ground. I changed that and i havent had a problem since.
But when i turn the key nothing happens, no click nothing. It's like the on position does nothing? The fuel pump primes and i can hear it. Thanks

Did you check for power to the B/W right at the ignition switch? If there's no power there, then either your ignition switch is shot, or that 30A fusible link in the engine compartment is blown. If there is power to that wire, then check for power to the B/W wire at the clutch interlock relay while someone turns the ignition switch to start. If there's power there, listen to hear if the relay clicks or not. If it doesn't click, then make sure the clutch interlock switch is sending a ground to the BR/W wire at the interlock relay. If the relay did click then check for voltage at the B/Y wire at the relay, if there's no voltage, then the relay is shot. If there is voltage, then you need to pull your intake and maf out and find the two wire harness E119 (page EL-130 of your FSM) that is located on that bracket that the stock intake resonator box mounts to. Check for voltage at the B/Y half of the harness while it's unplugged. If you're got voltage, then plug the harnesses together and back probe the B/W side of the harness. If there's voltage there, then check for voltage at the harness on the backside of the engine right below the throttle plate. It's connector E110 found on page EL-130 of your FSM. If that checks out then either the short wire from the starter to that connector is broken or the starter is shot. I know you replaced the starter and all that but you can't assume anything when chasing electrical gremlins. Since you have the FSM you can find all the info I told you on page EL-15 and EL-130. There's no reason you can't figure this out using those two pages. You just have to check the entire circuit fron switch to starter to find the problem.
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Thanks for all of your help! It turned out that the guy ibought the car from hacked up the wires at the connector right under the ignition switch and the b/w wire was disconnected! Thanks a lot!

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