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I recently replaced my alternator with an OEM unit, and the battery a couple months before that. I am having warm start issues (but i think that is fixable)...what is happening now is that when Im sitting at idle, the rpms dip down a few hundred rpms, when I either:

Turn the fan on to any speed...

Turn the radio on....(aftermarket head unit)

Turn the headlights on....

Hit the brakes...(but to a lesser degree)

I cleaned the body ground point and the engine ground point with sandpaper and one new clean bolt in the body one, and the battery contacts are clean....

Was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I recently installed a set of OBX headers and my WAI after getting a smog (numbers were really low) and am also getting really shitty gas mileage....I am planning on re-grounding my MAF, anyone think that would help? Suggestions? The car runs really strong other than the clutch slipping a little and the mileage issue....its a 98 Se-R with 110k miles.....
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