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Electromotive Tec-3 Cheap

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I bought an Electromotive Tec3 from Vic Sias at Sias Tuning, but unfortunately I've got to sell it. I figured you guys might actually be interested in this auction on ebay ( ); so I hope I'm not braking a rule by posting a link to it. It's a $2300 system and the reserve is only $1000. Hope one of you guys can use it.
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Damm..........that is a steal if someone gets it for the buy now price, already got one for my 200, and the NX gets the Tec II.

Wanna sell it for your reserve price??
ha ha ... let me wait and see if I can sell it for more. :)
it said buy it now was used.

Did you officially sell this? Ive got $1500 shipped on it if you didnt. :D

Yeah, it sold for the buy it now price on Ebay. $1610.
Thanks for the offers!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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