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Its 12:25 AM, I need help. I have been working since 8 this morning. I got my front Ground Controls installed, and I now I am on the back. I am also installing the motivational rear strut mounts. The GC instructions call for the big ribbed rubber thing to be put under the aluminum top hat, but the instructions for the ME strut mounts say this peice should be on top of the mount. Where should it go? If it is on top, it seems the the top hat would have to much play in it, and make a lot of noise! I need help, what order does this stuff go in?!?

Lyn Labahn

96 200SX SE-R

El Chingon
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OK, this is how mine are starting from top to bottom:

locking nut
*metal washer
*large nut
*metal washer
Stock black rubber bushing
Motivational Upper Mount
gc aluminum top hat
agx shock

*These three things don't come included anywhere in the kit (they aren't stock either) and don't thread onto the strut or anything, they're just there to take up the space between the stock rubber bushing and the locking nut. Use a big nut! Something that will (obviously) slide over the strut shaft easily.

'98 Super Black SE w/stuff
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