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I got turbo envy
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Already searched, couldn't find anything that really sounds like the same problem.

Cat back exhaust, short intake, SAFC, runnin 89 octane gas. NGK plugs, fairly new wires and cap/rotor, non turbo.

Idle is fine, the problem is while driving sometimes the engine just bogs, sounds kind of like a misfire. Mostly happens under heavy throttle, but occurs randomly through every gear. Sometimes it sounds like a really loud 'pop' from under the hood, almost as if its shooting flames out the header or something. It does this whether its running hot or cold. The A/F ratio meter geeks out when this happens, going either really lean or rich instantly.

Anybody have a clue? My budget is tight and i don't want to blow another engine because of some stupid reason. My car runs like **** and its bugging the hell out of me. Any advice or troubleshooting methods are much appreciated. thanks
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