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engine pre-check for turbo?

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Hi guys,I want to make sure my engine is able to withstand the added pressures of a turbo but don't know what psi the compression should be min- max. I noticed #3 cyl. is lower than the others but no more than 10 %. the readings I got were with the throttle plate closed.I forgot to open it, oops! choking. so I'm going to do it again this time I'll open the throttle plate. I want to be sure "she can take some more power captain" before shelling out $ on turbo stuff and labor.

91 SE-R,10:1 comp.pistons,balanced &blueprint rebuild.comp.4angle valve job,extrude honed heads/intake manifold,No emissions.crap,RC TB/MAF,nismo cams,UR pulleys,stillen4-1 ceram.header,nismo/centerforce dual fric.clutch,PR CAI,2 1/2 test pipe,mandrel 2 1/4 superturbo ex.,and a whole bunch of other goodies! boost is in the works ,hell yeah 3:16!
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the 10;1 pistons should be froma 300z
but the j-spec se-r has 10;1 compresion.J W said I could go as much as 8 psi on the t25 but he said toget the biggest most efficient ic so as to prevent detonation . should be good though. and being married limits the mod expense so I think this is it.then clutch and flywheel hope a stage 2 will do hope fully for good. I am still picking up stuff so this project is delayed for the fall so I can still have a car for the summer.
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