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engine swap

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ok my friend just picked up a 89 question is can he use the harness for the ka24de for the s13 sr20det and ecu that he bought or does he have to find a new harness?i'm looking for every bit of info here,so all you guys that have done this swap give me everything to make this swap as easy as possible.thanks in advance for all the help.
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Get the S13 engine harness, ignitor chip, ECU, MAF and coil packs. Yank the KA and harness, install the SR and harness. There's a bit of soldering to do after that, but it's much easier than the alternative. Try to get a spare set of coil packs, I had one that was damaged, luckily the customer had extra's.
ok time to change the first post,my friend now insted has a 91 and wants to do the same thing.he says this one has the dohc 2.4l,can the same ecu and wiring harness be used or do you have to once again get all of the other **** to go with it?once again thanks for the help guys.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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