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I just wanted to let everyone know that I just finished rebuilding my engine and has been up and running for about 2 weeks and runs pretty except for that I put bosch plat +4 instead of ngkr platinum plugs ( which is why my car does not accelerate as fast as it should) Here is all that I have done to my car:
NEW: rod and main bearings
- front and rear main seal
- piston rings
- head bolts and washers
- chromoly 10.5lb flywheel
- ACT clutch set
- ES torque mounts

- head ported and polished with intake valves bored 1mm and angle job
- head bolts and washers
- rockers
- jim wolf s-3 (after 1000 miles of driving there is some small lines on the passenger side lobe is that normal or should I worry about it)?
- intake manifold polished by myself will have pics soon
- all new gaskets
- place racing cold air intake had already
- hotshots headers older generation had already
-exhaust pipeing 2.25 mandrel bends
- exhaust from thermal R&D
- random technology cat have not put that on yet
- MSD 6A
- Magnecor wires
-the car already had 16in tsw black rims with eibach ground control coilovers with tokico blues in the front and kyb agx in the back and a strut tower bar in the front
- venom maf ( had that on my 1.6L fits fine but the inlet hole diameter is smaller so I don't know if I should put it in I can adjust it to tell the ecu that more air is coming in but I don't know which is better any ideas?
All in all I think that I did a pretty damn good job as soon as I develop the pics I will post them
any ideas on how much Horsepower I should have

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I went with s-3 because Jim at Jimwolftechnology and chris at sr20developement said that if I was going to go turbo that the s3 are the best way to go becuase of lower duration and I plan on going turbo in the begining of next year

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I have two questions
1. does anybody know how much horsepower I should have?
2. I put bosch plat. +4 (keep that in mind) When I step on the accelerator to the floor in neutral it slowly pics up. I was told that those are the wrong plugs so I will be getting the ngk-r plugs which is hopefully solve the problem.
I went to the strip yesturday and I am very sad to say that the best time was a 15.9 needless to say it was 101 degrees but still I spoke with some other se-r that where there and they also said that once I put those ngk-r plugs it should solve the problem so once I do that What should be my run times any help is greatly appreciated

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DPR did my headwork and For now I kept the compression ratio stock for now I feel that I will be able to run around 16-18lbs of boost cause of head work and cams this is just guessing on the boost or hopeing
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