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Can you please email me back its about the power transistor. Thanks

Richie Soliven Representing Split Second Racing
SR20DET Power, HKS EVC EZ( boosting at 10 psi), HKS TURBO TIMER, JWT ECU , Greddy catback exhaust, 3 in ATR Race Cat(That needs do be hollowed out), 3 in downpipe,300zxTT fuel pump HKS plugs,Magnecor wires, SSR rims 18x7.5,relocated battary to the trunk, AGX'S struts and Ground Controls, Stillen kit Next from wkdtrbo57, then Hood Scoop !!

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Hey Richie the 91-93 SE-R's don't have those? If you running a JWT ECU you should have your stock wiring harness rite? If thats the case you should be using *all* your stock components from your DE.

One my DET swap I used everything from my DE all the way down to the TB. The only thing I didn't use was the Idle controle valve. I swaped everything else out.. Distributer/TPS/Maf/Coolant sensor/knock sensor and other ****.

I'm just wndering why you cant get one of these transistor things..?
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