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ES Bushings question.

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How many here have them? Well actual question is did you do them yourself? Is the suspension bushing set something you can do yourself pretty easily or should I just take it to some monkey? From crawling around the underside of my car it looks like everything rubber is about dead. And starting to think the thumping is my left side cv joint
But looks like Im going to have to get new tie rod ends also, boots looking really worn out. Not to mention the sagging door hinges. Oh well.
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well, I didnt do the suspension set, but I did do the engine mounts just recently. I did the dogbone (behind the radiator) and the rear mount with ES and the other two with stock mounts. It was pretty easy to do. I had the help of my cousin and it took us about 3.5 hours, most of it was trying to get the dogbone bushing in the brace that holds them, but we gave up and paid a shop to use a press to get it in ($20). The rear can be hard, but we used a lot of silicon spray lube to get it to slide in. Also, while you have the crossmember off, you can do the bushing for the shifter, thats a piece of cake.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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