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I have a few questions about the ES bushings:

1) will they reduce torque steer?
2) are there other good brands for bushings?
3) what can i expect to pay for them?


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1, not if you have a turbo! ;) the pourpose of the m-mounts is to reduce the movement of the motor and it stiffens up the chassie a bit also. You might get a small reduction but the goal is to eliminate the trans from smacking the x-member and cracking it.

2, sure for alot more $ JWT and PR sell them

3, $29 for the f/r $29(?) for the l/r


The ES control arm bushings were one of the best mods done to my car. When I took it to Carlsbad Raceway about a year ago I didn't have them and during the launch, my wheels move forward in the well about 3"!!! It's not as bad in a B13 as the control arm bushings in them are a little better than the B14.

The bushings took a good amount of torque steer away (although I don't think you can get rid of all of it in a high hp turbo car). I also have a lot better straight line traction than I did without them.

I highly recommend them!

95 200SX Turbo
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