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I just read on the forum about the black graphite ES motor mount inserts. May be too late for me, as I just received the red polyurethane motor mount inserts from ES "for torque mount postions only" for my 91 SE-R. (does two mounts - front and rear)

Whats the difference between the graphite inserts and the ones I have in hand? Any advice on wheter to press with install on the ones in hand, or helpfull install hints? Got these for $19.

I read the SCC article and it appears these will work for me. Do I need a hydralic press for the front inserts? Will a good size bench vice do the trick?

AC7880 (Dan)

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Dan..... Do what ever you have to, unless you like squeaking, to get the black graphite inserts. I thought the graphite ones would be in no way different untill I used my 1st set. They really work. The red ones and yellow ones are a bit harder then the black graphite. Summit sells the black set you just purchased for about $30. Pressing the front control mount inserts in is pretty easy with a vise, 2 boards and some patiance.
any other questions, feel free to e-mail if you wish.
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