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Just thought I'd chime in that I got ES motor mount and transmission mount bushings installed a few days ago on my '93 Classic with 112k miles.

What a difference! Most of the flopping around of the engine is gone, it's a little easier to shift into first gear, etc. And that damn solid shudder/grumble that goes throught the car when started is great!! The car feels a lot tighter, especially under hard acceleration. Of course, I still lost to a (turbo?) Volvo 850 a few days ago. *shrug*

I'm not big on mods like some of you, so this "mod" goes on the list with Magnecor wires, K&N panel filter, and HKS cat-back exhaust.

These new bushings and the HKS give this car the most amazing, unique rumble of any small car I've been around. I love it. I don't know how I could ever drive any of the plain, soft econoboxes floating around now, even the new Sentra SE.

I'm sure a 2002 Spec V SE-R will be nice tho...

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