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Exhaust Leak?

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I've had this very annoying for quite awhile and have taken to a few mechanics who can't find it either. It almost sounds like a turbo spooling, however i don't have turbo. Its pretty loud too. I have replaced the pipe from the manifold to the cat, b/c of another leak. Thats when i started to here this one. All new gaskets were used in the replacment of other pipe. I don't have a cat-back system its all stock except for the muffler. ANy help will keep my hair from leaving my head.
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Sounds like a manifold exhaust leak (even though you got a new one). Is the EGR pipe in there correctly? It can be hard to screw in.
Or a cracked weld or a leaking flex pipe or a bad connection *somewhwere. good luck.
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