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I was always under the impression that a 2" Exhaust is the best on the SR20 no matter what application. Why doesn't anyone want ot run a 2" anymore. I know for a fact that the B13 vGreddy is 50mm (2"). The HKS is 2 38/ but has a restrictive muffler. I have a 2" Greddy mid pipe and a 2" Dynomax and it feels real strong downlow.

This is a dyno chart of my car with the following mods: -Cold Air Intake -Stillen Jet Hot Coated 2G Header 4-2-1 -Stillen Throttle Body -Jim Wolf Computer -Unorthodox 2 pulley set (Crank and waterpump) -2" Exhaust with Dynomax Ultraflow muffler -Free Flowing Cataylatic Converter -10:1 Compression Primra Motor
This is the actual HP figures as coming off the dyno.
The humidity facor (It just rained) and temperatures have to be factored in as well. So whatever dyno numbers were shown you still have to factor in 9% to compensate. That will be my wheel hp. Remember this is a naturally aspirated motor.


So according to the dyno I am making 135hpX9%=147.14hp. Not bad to the wheels saying I don't have cams.
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