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I have Gti-r and recently it started idling very high at 1700-1900 and rarely drops at all...the idle screw is all the way down and i tried throttle body cleaner and still no help...there seems to be no vacuum leaks as it reads 20hg on my boost guage and currently im thinking its the increase in temp but not to sure as im still running the top mount...any help would be great as i cant set timing and its pretty annoying and loud when idling that high.

Niiiice car. A real GTI-R? I know I have heard about this high idle before, but i'm too tired to remember so here goes. Try replacing the PCV, at $6 it's a good shot. Check the throttle butterfly to see if it's sticking. I know this sounds stupid, but on a Bimmer I had, the throttle cable was binding and check the throttle pedal area. The IACV-air regulator & the IACV-AAC valve (both on the passenger side intake) can cause idleing problems when not working right. The IACV-air regulator was a big problem on older Bimmers. Check that they are plugged in properly. Now the scary thing... could be the signal the ECU is sending to the IACV-AAC valve. Let me know what happens.
If you are ever in FL. with your GTI-R let me know as I would love to see it.
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