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F-MAX HELP! lose wastegate bolts on log manifold

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ok i heard what i thought was an exhaust leak from my car, it turns out my Tial's bolts that hold it to the manifold are lose. I take off the downpipe and try to torque the bolts but theres just no room there.

Is there a special tool I need? The only other way I can think of that may work is if I took off the WHOLE turbo and manifold. I wanna refrain from that. Thanks guys!
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The F-MAX Manifold should have studs for the wastegate. The Tial wastegate should have 4 nuts on the top that you use to tighten it. Since the wategate is upside down, you should be able to torque these from underneath the car.

There might be one or two you can't to, IIRC.
Dude, the fmax design is hard as hell to work on because space is so confined. I use stubby wrenches and allen wrenches on mine while laying on my back with the front end off the ground working from below. The 4 bolt WG will be even harder to work on due to the upper bolts. Remember to use lock washers on those bolts.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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