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F-Max stage 1 kit

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Just how much could one expect to pay on this. I know the stage 2 runs around 4500, I'm just curious.
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since we're talking stage 1 here, i got a couple questions too...

1) my engine has over 100k on it. someone told me i could throw the stage 1 right on without a problem, but my wallet still isn't sure. should i go ahead and do a rebuild if i got the kit?

2) cost? (i'm at school, can't email and can't call)

3) what's the approximate horsepower increase if i ran a moderately low boost setting (if i didn't get a rebuild), and if i went about a medium boost setting (if i did and wanted to go safe)?

4) will the transmission with 100k hold up with the stage 1? how about the 14 inch tires (hehe)? i bet there'll be increased wear, but on what?

5) how loud is the blowoff valve?

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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