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I bought this car as a project car but recently got laid off of work :(. I need a a car to drive me from A to B with a/c. When i bought this car it had its small problems here and there, i was able to fix them and the car ran fine. But one day it just decided not to turn on it has wiring issues. im not good with electrical. I dont have money to pay someone to diag it so im selling it as is. the only codes are :
0401-iat circuit is open or shorted
0304-knock sensor
it has a reprogrammed ecu so it runs without the knock sensor, it just has that code on it. i spoke to JWT about this and didnt realize they did this. the car has a Lot of money into it but it still is a project. only the engine has been worked on with the following specs :
t3/t4 turbo, 750cc RC injectors, tial wastegate, pro-tech turbo manifold, CP pistons, eagle rods, 3 inch exhaust to a magnaflow muffler,mustang MAF, High flow Powertech fuel rail upgrade, walbro 255, front mount intercooler,JWT computer tuned to 14psi, fuel pressure set at 40psi. cheap things ive noticed ebay boost control and BOV. I set timing at 15 and it has NgK BKR7E spark plugs gapped at 30. NGK blue spark plug wires. New rotor and cap. Leather tan seats and no stereo. anything else you guys need to know just ask. Im just looking for $2100 obo or i might just have to start parting it out, which i dont really want to do. email me at [email protected] or call 702-785-1130

I have a new front bumper for this also
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